Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Summer Essentials #2

The outfit of choice: white linen. I have worn this sleveless blouse many times this Summer and will continue to wear until the weather dictates the need for sleeves.
The thing about white is that it can be paired or worn with any color. 
For footwear, no contest to sandals. In my case, if it's leather the better. Though sometimes, I wear running shoes for comfort. 
These pairs are from Freak's Store, a lifetsyle store in Japan. (I should post about lifestyle stores here considering their prevalence). It so happened they were on sale at 20% off so knowing me, if I like the design, I should have them in at least two colors. They are leather, not Italian made but very comfortable. My feet were blister-free after first use. 

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Tokyo files: Traveling with a toddler

Since May this year, we have veered away from malls on weekends because we haven't seen much the outside world.

Tokyo is a huge city to explore, and may I add I soooo love this city. Since 2004, I have managed to explore the non-touristy spots and even became so familiar with their metro. At some point, due to reading too many Murakami books, it felt so lonely in the midst of the noise and maddening crowd. 

Now that I have been exploring the city with a toddler and T, we prefer to go at places that are safe and child-friendly. Meaning, not in Akihabara, little (shabby) areas of Ueno or Shinjuku. Anywhere with a nearby mall is a plus. Most malls in Japan have clean baby rooms for diaper change and all. 
Sunday in Ginza. Best day to conquer the open streets. Department stores here are old and well-preserved except that their toilets are tiny making diaper change challenging.
Tokyo station has always been the starting point of exploration. Well, it connects to most lines and it is the last stop of JR Keiyo line (our line). It takes about 45 minutes to travel from Inage Kaigan stn to Tokyo stn. We love walking around here because the streets wide, not much cars pass by. 
Taken at the grounds of Tokyo Midtown. Amber loves parks but she's such an insect magnet lately (as most kids), so we don't let her spend too much time outdoors. It came to a point her left foot got swollen due to an insect bite!? As an instant reflex for kids her age, itchiness needs itching, LOL! 
Dean & Delucca Lime Mint drink. 
Amber's OOTD: H&M dress and Vans slip-ons
No Smoking signs are prevalent on the sidewalks of Tokyo.

Now that days are long, hot and humid, there's no way we will frequently travel to the city. The neighborhood Chiba wonders and malls will do for now; anything and anywhere that takes my mind off work. 

Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Summer Essentials #1

I found Laneige by chance while spending Summer in 2010 at Ulsan. At the time, I recently recovered from a bad skin crisis that made my ex-HG moisturizer ineffective and led me to go back using Clinique moisture surge. But being a bum at that time, I went searching for a less costly alternative and found Laneige. The price difference is very minor, actually. 

But what I like about Laneige is that it does not just sit on my face unlike Clinique moisture surge and others. It sinks, reduces redness and non-greasy.

Since having left Korea for Japan in December 2012, I changed my moisturizer to L'Occitane because Laneige is not available here. For a year, my face went through hell and back so when I found a seller of Korean cosmetics at Amazon JP, it has become my supplier for Laneige and my skin somehow managed to behave.

I normally order in twos considering it takes about 2 weeks for my parcel to be delivered.

Just recently found that there has been a change on their packaging and noticeable change in the gel's color.

Left: old, right: new. Even the spatulas have changed (in photo: not placed on the correct jar. Too lazy to retake). The new packaging is heavier, feels like twice the old. And honestly, old packaging looks better. 
Left: new, right: old. Other than the packaging, the old version has more scent and color was almost transparent. The new version barely has scent and of white-ish color. I have yet to see for any differences in results though I have started using the new for less than a week now.

Along with this, my Summer beauty must haves are pretty basic which suits well for a busy working mom. 
Clockwise from top left: 
Anna Sui lip balm, Laneige water bank gel cream, Revlon Just  Bitten Kissable balm stain in Honey, La Roche-Posay Anthelios XL, YSL compact powder and Estee Lauder face brush. 

The La Roche-Posay was a recent discovery after reading a lot of beauty blogs, LOL! It's a famous French drugstore brand that is (thankfully) available in Plaza (a wasteland of cute and assorted things) and Tokyu Hands (mother wasteland of cute and assorted things). I love this stuff because unlike others, it does not leave a white cast on my face. Initially it does but disappears after few minutes. I used to combine it with moisturizer but found that it's better to let the moisturizer sink in first, then apply sun protection. This is liquid, spreads easily and non-sticky so it's very suitable for Summer season.