Monday, May 18, 2015

My Fourth Home Address

It's that time of the year when my blog turns a year older. Yes, it's been eight years. Eight years! Who knew I'd be able to maintain it all these years. I was not even married yet when I started! 
As per rule of mine, every anniversary of this blog deserves a special post. I have chosen a place. A place where I have been living for more than two years now.
This apartment was provided and fully furnished by the agent. It is a typical low cost apartment measuring around 50 square meters good enough for a family of three. Since middle of February this year, I have been living all alone so that leaves quite a large space for one.

Without further ado, let the tour begin!

The first thing that greets me and any guest is Amber's mini kitchen which we bought in Ikea (as well as the wall clock). Though nobody plays with it anymore, I did not set it aside to store. We would have wanted to ship it to Cebu but proved impractical (dimension and reassembly to its form is complicated) so it has been serving as a design fixture at home.

The living and dining area. I love that the dining set provided (for free) is made of wood. Wood look more polished than those steel ones. As you can see, most of Amber's things are still here, her high chair, rocking chair and toys which we neatly kept in a plastic container are under the coffee table.

What I love about this apartment are the sliding doors that lead to the balcony. In weekend mornings, I open all curtains to let natural light in while I busy myself with household chores or catch up with my favorite sites.
The photo frames that made up the wall in the living room were bought in Ikea. I was thinking of filling it with more photos but I see no point now. With my busy work, I barely find time to spend at home. On weekends I do household chores because it's a good form of exercise and a good habit to keep. Though I try to spend indoors on weekends, I oftentimes find myself itching to go out just to see something or be somewhere than home.

The kitchen. It is small and functional.

Another photo of the kitchen taken from the bedroom. It is the most abused area especially when the whole family was here. I love that it has enough compartments to store the essentials. I rarely cook and the three bottom drawers can no longer be fully shut because it contain an accumulation of plastic from grocery and special plastic for trash. The latter is sold by the local government for that use alone. It is probably one way of keeping tab which prefecture contributes to most garbage (Chiba is a prefecture, not part of Tokyo. Tokyo is another prefecture). Note to self: Bring an eco bag when shopping for grocery.

Another closer look because this whole area is filled with things and memories. Amber's photos and artwork are plastered on the refrigerator doors.

The bedroom. Walls void of decoration except for the wall clock (only 99Yen at Ikea!) and glow-in-the-dark stickers just above the window.

Opposite the wall with window is an alcove that serves as my storage and closet.

This storage is located in another room. The apartment has two rooms. The second room serves as our dressing room and closet area. This is my shoe closet which I share with Amber. Shoes or sandals are my weakness. The sneakers are now kept in boxes and I have decided to bring out the sandals because the weather is getting warmer.
My shoes are not that many but I have decided to stop from buying a pair until Autumn.

The house tour ends here.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Amber at 3 Years

Dear Soph-chan,

I still call you by this name and I am happy you still respond to it. In my solitude, I seek your presence. While stressed and confused, I want your hugs and kisses to comfort me. I terribly miss you.

Today is your 3rd birthday. How time flies fast! I still remember the moment of my labor up to the time you came out in less than two hours of my confinement.

I still remember your infant self. I miss it, actually. The typical onesies with matching socks that I let you wear in or outside home. I have to say, it was a very stressful phase of motherhood but really worth it because we spent most of the time together. I was with you every minute of every day from first day until I began working again.

Amber at 5 months old. Cebu, 2012

I can write down every memory of you at length but that would probably take weeks to complete.

The main reason of this post is to write an online letter to which I hope one day, you'll be able to read.

I miss you and it breaks my heart not being there on your birthday. It breaks my heart knowing you've learn so much without me being there to witness it first-hand but at the same time, I am happy knowing you are loved by many. Your Papa is there to take care and make sure you have everything you need. Stay sweet and jolly. My heart is at peace knowing you are happy and learning a lot. I fear my absence in your life, likewise to mine, will become too familiar in a way we'll get accustomed to it. I will make sure for that not to happen.

in October 2014, during her school's Sportsfest

Good that you are enjoying nursery. Sing ABC for me when I see you again, in person.

Happy birthday! Hoping you'll finally get rid of tsuptsup (pacifier). 

Monday, April 13, 2015


T sent this photo of Amber holding a greeting for me. She looks forced though, LOL! 
Fastforward me to 24th of April. I can't wait.