Monday, August 04, 2014

Cebu in 12 days

I began my first day with 1984 by George Orwell. Having not much to do except for a few errands, I was able to finish it in a week. I read it while taking a break from whatever or having coffee at some random cafes. Time passed by quickly, more so with a story so intriguing that had me thinking that this is probably what it's like in North Korea (of course, with the exception of the telescreens that monitors every person's actions). The ending was unexpected for I was hoping a success on Winston's fight. 
Cinema One and History Channel have (always) been good companions at night time. I watched the former most of the time because it is my favorite medium for Tagalog movies -- not that I am an avid fan, I just want to know how our movies have evolved. Sad to say Philippine cinema has still a lot of improvements to do. However, one movie stood out during my Cinema One marathon, 'Naglalayag' (Sailing) starring the Nora Aunor. It had me all focused considering I had an early flight to catch the next day. I gave up at almost 2am not knowing how Nora's fate after the death of her lover. My only comment was the drama set in front of the casket where her dead lover lay. Nora's character gave an all out wail while attempting to hug the casket but i'm giving the writer some slack because Nora's character was pregnant and knowing pregnant women's emotions, they are 4x higher than normal. The pace was just right, dialogues between character are well written, and the actors played their parts well. When i searched the net for its ending, i was not surprised that it received accolades from local and foreign award-giving bodies. 

Not forgetting History channel, i enjoyed The World Wars documentary. My knowledge about the wars was so little it could pass for nothing; and if not for that documentary, whatever little knowledge i had would probably remain the same.
Panlasang Pinoy (Filipino Palate) no.1 on my list was Jollibee burger steak. Only 97 php, almost same price level with two meal plus one cup rice in a Karenderiya.
As i was saying, it took me a week to finish 1984 which left me nothing to read. Another dystopian story is in my Kindle but I decided to take a break from bleak settings, so i bought a classic at National bookstore. Selection of classics are many but i chose Madame Bovary because it was set in France and the synopsis gave me an impression that this had been copied or, to put it mildly, taken as an inspiration by our homegrown telenovelas mixed with unnecessary sub-plots of kidnapping, adoption and amnesia.
I visited my Alma Mater. Having no purpose in mind, i informed the guard that i would like to renew my alumni card. Lady guard responded that Alumni office has transferred to Talamban campus, so she having felt my disappointment asked me if there was a second purpose. I confessed to her that i would like to see around the changes in the campus. Without further questions, she let me in and reminded me to be back before 5pm. I was done with my tour in less than an hour. Indeed, there were a lot of changes but every nook brought me back to good old days. 
Chippy and other junk binge fest. 
The Suite Room. So-so food for so steep price. Other than that, for a tiny space, they should have used furniture sets with a size appropriate for a limited space. 
Spent time with sis. 
Filipino style breakfast eaten at dinner time. 
Never did it occur to me that I was capable of devouring a huge serving. In my defense, I was really hungry. 
At day 13, I arrived safely in Japan. I so missed Amber for she and T stayed in Japan while mama took 2 weeks off. Thanks a millionth time to technology for making long distance communication faster and easier. Those days were the longest I've spent away from Amber. I don't think I'll do it again. It goes without saying that home is where the heart is. 

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Summer Essentials #2

The outfit of choice: white linen. I have worn this sleveless blouse many times this Summer and will continue to wear until the weather dictates the need for sleeves.
The thing about white is that it can be paired or worn with any color. 
For footwear, no contest to sandals. In my case, if it's leather the better. Though sometimes, I wear running shoes for comfort. 
These pairs are from Freak's Store, a lifetsyle store in Japan. (I should post about lifestyle stores here considering their prevalence). It so happened they were on sale at 20% off so knowing me, if I like the design, I should have them in at least two colors. They are leather, not Italian made but very comfortable. My feet were blister-free after first use. 

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Tokyo files: Traveling with a toddler

Since May this year, we have veered away from malls on weekends because we haven't seen much the outside world.

Tokyo is a huge city to explore, and may I add I soooo love this city. Since 2004, I have managed to explore the non-touristy spots and even became so familiar with their metro. At some point, due to reading too many Murakami books, it felt so lonely in the midst of the noise and maddening crowd. 

Now that I have been exploring the city with a toddler and T, we prefer to go at places that are safe and child-friendly. Meaning, not in Akihabara, little (shabby) areas of Ueno or Shinjuku. Anywhere with a nearby mall is a plus. Most malls in Japan have clean baby rooms for diaper change and all. 
Sunday in Ginza. Best day to conquer the open streets. Department stores here are old and well-preserved except that their toilets are tiny making diaper change challenging.
Tokyo station has always been the starting point of exploration. Well, it connects to most lines and it is the last stop of JR Keiyo line (our line). It takes about 45 minutes to travel from Inage Kaigan stn to Tokyo stn. We love walking around here because the streets wide, not much cars pass by. 
Taken at the grounds of Tokyo Midtown. Amber loves parks but she's such an insect magnet lately (as most kids), so we don't let her spend too much time outdoors. It came to a point her left foot got swollen due to an insect bite!? As an instant reflex for kids her age, itchiness needs itching, LOL! 
Dean & Delucca Lime Mint drink. 
Amber's OOTD: H&M dress and Vans slip-ons
No Smoking signs are prevalent on the sidewalks of Tokyo.

Now that days are long, hot and humid, there's no way we will frequently travel to the city. The neighborhood Chiba wonders and malls will do for now; anything and anywhere that takes my mind off work.